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Introducing myself.

My name is Etienne Gotjé, The founder of CATRIX Maine Coon cattery in Wormerveer. I want to thank you for your interest in my website, Welcome!   The Catrix website is still under construction so the site will be changing regularly.   Sometimes this may bring inconvenience for the user. I hope for your patience so that you will visit my site regularly for news and changes.  

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My story

From my childhood I grew up with cats and dogs around me. When I got my own house on my 18th birthday I took several pets. I think of myself if I may say so i am a real animal lover. My last cat was a normal cat named Jumbo. Jumbo is gone and deceased at the age of seventeen and a half years. He has had a very nice life with a very free life outside. Jumbo knew how to life on the street with traffic around him. It was a red male with a stubborn character, and like a Maine Coon only interested in his boss when he liked it.

Etienne Gotje
Etiënne Gotjé
Jumbo.  Was the cat that i bought when my daughter Susanne was first born. After Jumbo's decease, I went looking for a new pet.

Lizzy.  Our Tortie cat came on my path at cattery L'eau rouge and i was sold right away. But as you will know one Maine coon is a half a Maine coon, and I shortly after buying Lizzy i went looking for her companion. A Maine coon is going to get bored without company.

Ruby.  Our Black Silver Mackerel cat came on my path at Saskatoen cattery. And of course, again i was sold right away. It took some time getting used for Lizy and of course for Ruby. But despite the stubborn behavior of a Tortie cat they go well together. They became good friends. Ruby loves to lie down for hours on your legs and be petted. With a few strokes she is spinning like a bumblebee. It's become a great atmosphere. Soon I noticed that Ruby, Lizzy and the whole house seized as they were romping with one another and that something was missing in my home.

Jumbo in memorium 1993-2010

A scratching pole.  That was what they needed! Playing those two ran through the whole house chasing each other. I made a scratching pole with three garden fence pawls of 7x7cm with four floors from the floor to the ceiling with a doghouse for the dog of a girlfriend. This all covered with carpet and an area with sisal rope wrapped. It is a beautiful building the cats are very happy with it. They use it every day. Instead of running the whole house back and forward they use the climbing pole.

Maine coon virus.  I had never heard of a Maine coon virus but was warned about it. For a moment i thought is it contagious and if so would mind getting infected here. But after my own experience, i am wrong to say that the Maine Coon virus has struck me and it really exists. Breeding Maine coons is just magic. Some people say that Maine coons like magic balls. If you have a litter of Maine Coons there can come manny different colors or drawings. Sometimes all the colors of the rainbow. It's addictive and I think the best addiction of all.

Once infected with the Maine coon virus i needed a male to not immediately be depended on a male breeding cat which would bring high costs if i wanted to breed withLizzy and Ruby.


Dean.  Our Black Silver Blotched cat from Iefke's cattery was available. The ladies of Iefke's cattery were very helpful and asked me and my girlfriend for a show in Utrecht to see how things are going and to show off the nest where Dean from came from before she went home with us . It was a nice day. It was fun to see how many people do their best on their animals to show there best. After the show i could take Dean home and interduse him to the ladies. Dean was the smallest of the bunch but soon he has become a big full hairy male. Lizzy, Ruby and Dean go very well together.

Outdoor Area.  It is not that simple. It is easily imagined. The cats need lots of attention and Dean together with Lizzy and Ruby in one house would not work. It is not a smart idea with a point of view to spraying what will do one day. Even though people say that their cat is not a spaying line, I have no such confidence. A little spray is enough. If an unexpected hangover he may spray with a smell that is unbearable, your visitors will also certainly do not appreciate. If you are going to breed with the male in control by yourself i think it is definitely a good idea to think about a good stay outside for your cat.

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